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What would be the repercussions to your organisation if one of your company employees causes a fire and cannot extinguish it because the extinguisher didn’t work? Statistics show that contractors are the second biggest cause of fires – second only to arson! There have been many high profile fires recently caused this way – not good for the reputations of the organisations involved or the cost of their insurance renewals.

It can take you literally years to compile a database of customers and equipment, entering every customers name address, telephone number, email address etc. etc along with details of their equipment and site addresses, it’s a long hard process. So much so that the data collected becomes a valuable even vital business resource.

Of course no-one understands this better than a person that has just lost everything due to a hard drive failure, burglary or fire. Are you the type of person that realises the value of what you have built up, or are you the type that prefers to forget about such mundane matters. Over the years I have come into contact with many people that have suffered a hard drive failure or burglary (even experienced it myself). How you recover depends upon the actions you take now.