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What would be the repercussions to your organisation if one of your company employees causes a fire and cannot extinguish it because the extinguisher didn’t work? Statistics show that contractors are the second biggest cause of fires – second only to arson! There have been many high profile fires recently caused this way – not good for the reputations of the organisations involved or the cost of their insurance renewals.

As we see it, a UK Fire Association member’s job is ultimately about helping you to ensure that you are in compliance with fire regulations. You should be able to rely on them to remind you when servicing falls due and then with your permission to promptly get on with it causing you and your organisation minimum disruption.

Our members have to be trained, refreshed and insured; some have already gained construction industry accreditations like SafeContractor, Chas, CSCS, and Constructionline. They work with all types and sizes of organisations involved in most aspects of construction; demolition, scaffolding, steel fabricators, utilities contractors, along with decorating, plumbing, electrical, IT and HVAC contractors.
The photo shows the typical problem large contractors have with managing extinguisher stocks. Not ideal and potentially dangerous! In this instance a UK Fire Association member worked with the client to put in place a simple to run triage system based on a store divided into three easy to manage sections;
  1. New stock – already commissioned ready for use.
  2. Used stock – serviced and ready to be reallocated.
  3. Returned stock to be assessed/serviced/scrapped by the extinguisher technician.
By working together to implement this system the UK Fire Association member ensured that the client complies with fire regulations and has reduced their costs.
One of our members, services fire equipment country wide for several large well known national builders and through working closely with them has developed a portable low cost wireless fire alarm combined with an extinguisher fire point designed to withstand the rigours of construction sites.   Another member produces high visibility fire plans that clearly identify designated fire escape routes, fire equipment locations and utility isolation points.
Most of our members service fire extinguishers, many also service fire alarms, several specialise in; dry/wet riser and sprinklers installation/servicing, fire risk assessment, fire plans and fire warden training. All are passionate about doing a great job at a reasonable price and most will see that you are looked after by a single point of contact, who gets to know you and your organisation’s particular requirements.
If you were to have a health and safety inspection visit today, how do you honestly think you would score with fire safety at site? Don’t leave it to chance; use the services of a UK Fire Association member. 
You can quickly find your nearest by visiting the members directory on our website or for more information contact me, Alan Palmer by telephone on 01932 252306 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..