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What’s the difference between an army and a group of yobs?


1)      Training & knowledge
2)      Professional Attitude
3)      Uniform
4)      The right tools for the job
Of all of these the most immediately recognisable is the uniform. What gives a police officer or a doctor your respect and attention? Initially it is their clothing that tells you who they are, what their function is and directly affects how you relate to them.
In the same way your staff are being sent out into the world to approach customers, enter their premises and to service their fire fighting equipment. How does your customer relate to your service engineer? In many cases the employee might only visit a customer once per year. If he’s out canvassing or calling on a new customer or even where he has taken over from a previous engineer he is just another stranger, how does your customer know who he is dealing with?
Shop staff, bank staff, post offices etc. have every right to be suspicious of strangers calling at their premises especially when they are required to give access into the non public area’s. To minimise their concerns it is important that you do everything possible to identify your staff as legitimate callers by demonstrating a professional attitude, carrying recognisable company documentation and dressing in a manner, which identifies the visitor as a professional person.
The style of clothing is very much a matter for you to decide. What is important is that it be clean, functional and most of all consistent. If all of your service engineers wear a blue shirt and a black tie with a jacket and trousers (perhaps carrying your company insignia) then your customers will come to identify that style with your company. If an engineer arrives dressed as a tramp he will be regarded as such and that recognition will transfer onto your company and affect your reputation. A professional appearance directly affects the perceived value of the goods and services that you provide. In doing so it directly affects profitability.
1)      Spend money on a company uniform. It will be appreciated by your employee’s, by your customers and improve your company image.
2)      Ensure that all staff wear the same style of uniform – remember you are creating a connection between your company and a particular style.
3)      Provide staff with at least two sets of clothing so that there is no excuse for a dirty or sloppy appearance.
Be seen as the best in your area. Employees represent a walking advert for your company. It is to your credit if the impression they provide shows your organisation as one which is clean, smart and professional.