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I have been approached by this company about the F gas regulation and the requirements for fire companies to comply. If this affects you then the information they provide may be useful.

In summary the requirement is that all companies (including sole traders) undertaking work with fire protection equipment will need to hold Company Certification if they employ personnel to carry out installation, maintenance or servicing on fire protection systems containing F gases. The requirement to hold either an interim or a full Company Certificate has applied since July 2009 and since 4 July 2010 all companies must hold a full certificate, Defra has name the Fire Industry Association (FIA) as the Company Certification body for the Fire Protection sector. To obtain a full Company Certificate companies will need to prove that: 

• They employ appropriately certified personnel in a sufficient number to cover the expected volume and type of activities; 
• The necessary tools and procedures are available to the personnel engaged in activities for which certification is required.

Jo Gradwell
F-Gas Support Project Manager
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