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In these unprecedented, challenging times the UK-FA Directors recognise that we all face difficult months ahead.  With this in mind, the board have unanimously agreed to change the renewal subscription terms for those who may need some additional time to pay for their subscription renewal. 

From this moment on, 16.30 - 26/3/2020, all pending subscriptions not yet paid in full can be staggered over two £100 payments, one at point of renewal a the second six months after. 

We are unable to refund any subscriptions already part paid or paid in full and this offer does not apply to new membership applications. 

Renewal notifications will continue to be issued when your expiry date approaches, so please follow the usual instructions to renew your membership online.  Where members feel they are able to pay in full, then please feel free to continue as instructed in the renewal invitation, however should you wish to take the two stage payment option, you will need to email the Treasurer Dan Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let him know. 

We will periodically review the COVID-19 situation to assess the need for this temporary change in terms.

We at the UK-FA sincerely wish everyone all the very best over the coming months and offer our support in any way we can during this difficult period.